Trash, Recycling & Hazardous waste removal 


 Trash Collection
Mondays & Fridays 6am - 12pm

There is only 1 trash bin, located on the West end of the main walkway, closest to the alley.

Note:  There is a Guest Parking Space at this location, but there is no parking permitted during the trash collection window.  Due to repeated offenses, we put out cones to politely remind would-be overnight parkers to avoid this spot the night before Garbage Collection Day.

Recycling Collection
(times may vary 9am -  3pm)

There are 2 recycling bins.  One located directly in the middle of the community, and the other on the East end of the main walkway, closest to Craner Avenue.

Note:  Please do not block the middle driveway on Wednesdays, and avoid moving in or out on that day of the week.

LA Bureau of Sanitation

Craner homes are listed as having "residential service" with LABS.  So when reporting any issues, you will need to use the specific phrase:
"it is a City Dumpster Service that is provided by the city".

The reason this is important is because without saying this exact phrase, the CSR will think each home has an individual green, blue, and black can; or that we are an apartment complex with a dumpster that's somehow not being billed correctly.  So to cut through all the confusion, we are supposed to let the CSR know this at the beginning of the call and then they will know what we mean. 

You will then need to provide the CSR with the dumpster number (located on the side of the bin).

Hazardous waste removal

As people move (or have tenants move), please be mindful of throwing paint and paint thinners into the garbage bins.  These are actually considered "Hazardous Waste" resulting in a citation from the city.

LA Sanitation has a section on their site specifically outlining disposal of such items.
Hazardous Waste Information 

paint buckets

Photo by Waz Lght on Unsplash