Guest Parking rules

  1. There are a total of 4 Guest Parking Spots: 3 located along the South end of the the community, next to the public parking for Camarillo Street businesses (ex: Bunny Luv); and the last is located in the alley next to the Garbage Bin.

  2. The Guest Parking Spot in front of the Garbage Bin has specific "No Parking" times posted to prevent parked cars from blocking garbage trucks. This spot will also have cones blocking it the nights before garbage collection days to stave off accidental overnight parking and blocking the trucks the next day.

  3. Guest Parking is intended for guests of owners and tenants, and is not for use as an additional permanent parking spot or for "garage overflow".

  4. Guests are not permitted to park for more than 3 days (in total) per week.